Askeaton Running Group

Get out and pound the roads with Askeaton Running Group!

We all know the difficulties of setting an exercise routine and sticking to it. One of the biggest obstacles people meet when crafting a new exercise routine is hitting the motivation wall. It happens to us all. You start out meeting all of your goals but slowly over time life gets busy and you begin to fall off.

There’s lots of evidence to suggest that exercising with another person or group can help combat this plateau while also giving you the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Running with a group has also been shown to reduce social isolation, anxiety & depression while also increasing self-confidence, connection and a sense of achievement – what’s not to love?

Every Wednesday evening at 6:15 the Askeaton Running Group meet at the leisure centre car park and set off on their run. This is an open and friendly group who welcome runners of all abilities and fitness levels.

Picture from Askeaton Running Group on Facebook

Dust off your running shoes and get pounding the roads with the Askeaton Running Group. Find them on Facebook here.

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